30 Best Movies Like Limitless Every Fan Needs to Watch

30 Best Movies Like Limitless Every Fan Needs to Watch

For those who are fans of Limitless and are looking for similar movies to watch, there are a number of options that explore similar themes and offer similar thrilling and thought-provoking experiences. From movies that delve into the dangers of performance-enhancing drugs to those that examine the limits of human potential, plenty of films will satisfy Limitless fans. This article will look at some of the best movies like Limitless and what makes them worth watching.

Limitless is a 2011 science-fiction thriller movie that explores the concept of a pill that unlocks 100% of human potential. The film follows the journey of a struggling writer who stumbles upon the pill and quickly rises to fame and success, only to discover the dangerous consequences of its usage. Limitless has been well-received by audiences and critics alike, with its intriguing storyline and fast-paced action making it a popular film.

In Time (2011)

You stop aging when you turn 25. But the problem is that you only have one more year left to live, if you can’t buy yourself more time. The rich ensure themselves another decade, while the rest beg, steal, and make do with every hour they can get to survive another day.

A young man finds himself in a situation where he gets more time than he can imagine, but he is forced to run from the corrupt police in order to save his life.

RoboCop (1987)

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Detroit, the future. Crime has engulfed the city, unemployment is high, and the city’s police force has been bought and taken over by the multinational corporation OCP, which has slashed wages to increase profits, prompting some officers to threaten to strike.

Additionally, evil underworld boss Clarence Boddicker (Kurtwood Smith) freely kills cops because he’s secretly working for the OCP. At the same time, OCP manager Dick Jones (Ronny Cox) plans to introduce a robot policeman to lay off people from the police force and thus further reduce costs, but the robot prototype ED-209 proves to be a failure.

Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) is a new policeman who is assigned to patrol the city with his partner Anne Lewis (Nancy Allen). In doing so, they come across Boddicker’s gang, who fatally wound Alex in a shootout. On the way to the hospital, Alex dies, but scientists use his body to create a cyborg, RoboCop, who starts working for OCP. RoboCop achieves notable success in hunting criminals, but he begins to remember his human life and his emotions awaken in him.

Finally, in a cocaine factory, he encounters the man who “killed” him, Boddicker, and arrests him. Dick Jones breaks Boddicker out of prison and decides to liquidate RoboCop in order to introduce his ED-209 robot to the market. RoboCop and Anne, however, at the same place where Alex was “killed”, liquidate Boddicker’s gang and reveal that Jones is involved in crime. Jones takes the old owner of OCP hostage, but is killed by RoboCop’s shot. The old man asked RoboCop what his name was, and he answered: “Murphy”.

Lucy (2014)

A fragile girl, Lucy, is kidnapped to become a human mule, a carrier of a bag of unknown contents in her stomach. But the seemingly gentle Lucy soon turns into an all-powerful warrior who uses her entire brain instead of 10%. To find out what is happening to her, Lucy turns to Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) for help.

I, Robot (2004)

I, Robot (2004)

Chicago, 2035. The world has created a well-branched system of robots that are programmed to, like personal guards, help and protect people. But detective Del Spooner (W. Smith) is not sure about the 100% safety of the machines, especially when the news spreads that the distinguished scientist in the field of robotics, Dr. Alfred Lanning (J. Cromwell), has been killed under unexplained circumstances.

Although without concrete proof, Spooner immediately thinks that the robots are to blame for this, which seems impossible, because they are programmed to do no harm. However, if they were able to do so, it would have dire, perhaps disastrous, consequences for humanity. Spooner begins an investigation into the scientist’s death, and turns to Susan Calvin (B. Moynahan), an expert in robot psychology, for help. The trail will lead him to the robot Sonny (A. Tudyk), who may be involved in the case.

The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

David Norris (Matt Damon) is an ambitious politician who is on the verge of winning a seat in the US Senate when he meets the beautiful ballerina Elisa (Emily Blunt), a woman he has never met before. At the moment when he falls irrevocably in love with her, a mysterious man tries to separate them.

David realizes that he has an agent of Destiny himself against him – a man from the Department of Adjustment – who will do anything to stop David and Elisa from ending up together. He will have to accept the path set for him and let Elisa go, or against all odds defy fate and risk everything to be with the woman he loves.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

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In the world of the future, Tom Cruise is Lieutenant William Cage who fights in a war against aliens. Suddenly, he finds himself trapped in time, on the last day of the battle where he dies.

Going through the last day of his life every time, Cage becomes more and more skilled and ready to face death after a while.

Infinite (2021)

The plot follows the destructive individual Evan McCauley (Wahlberg) who is haunted by memories of skills he never learned and places he never visited. When he learns about a secret group of people who call themselves the Infinites, he realizes that his memories are real and are from his past lives. The Infinites invite Evan into their world, which consists of 28 other people like him.

However, in order for everything not to be so simple, Evan will have to join the fight against one of them. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays an individual who wants to destroy humanity and thus stop the cycle of reincarnation forever. Evan and the rest of the group will have to learn the secrets buried in their memories to stop him.

Reminiscence (2021)

Reminiscence (2021)

Nick Bannister (Hugh Jackman), a private mind investigator, travels through the darkly alluring world of the past helping his clients access lost memories. Living on the edge of Miami’s sunken coastline, his life changes forever when he takes on a new client, Mae (Rebecca Ferguson), and a simple case of lost and found becomes a dangerous obsession.

As Bannister struggles to find the truth about Mae’s disappearance, he uncovers a violent conspiracy and ultimately must answer the question: How far would you go to keep the ones you love?

Focus (2015)

Focus (2015)

Experienced conman Nicky (Will Smith) is able to convince anyone of anything he wants. One day the beautiful Jess (Margot Robbie) knocks on his door asking him to teach her everything he knows. The two hit it off immediately and she becomes his intern, even more than that. Better than anyone before, she masters the secrets of the trade, although in fact it is only one thing: It all boils down to drawing attention.

The brain is slow and cannot keep track of many things at the same time. So take it from one side and take it from the other side. And it is Jess who will win Nicky where he is at his weakest: as he falls more and more in love with the beautiful blonde, he will begin to lose focus and make very risky decisions.

Oblivion (2013)

Oblivion (2013)

Jack Harper is one of the last humans stationed on old Earth, destroyed by the long-standing war against the Scav. His mission to extract vital resources is coming to an end.

He patrols the skies, and the discovery of a crashed spaceship with a beautiful alien woman will set off a series of events that will make him question everything he knows and put the fate of humanity in his hands.

The Mechanic (2011)

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Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) is a machine – an elite assassin of strict order, with a unique talent for cleanly eliminating targets. This job requires professional perfection and complete detachment, and Bishop is the best at it.

However, when his mentor and close friend Harry (Donald Sutherland) is killed, Bishop is very much in a bind. He sets himself the next task – he wants to see those responsible for that murder dead. The mission gets complicated when Harry’s son Steve (Ben Foster) arrives with the same revenge goal and the intention to learn Bishop’s trade.

Bishop has always acted alone but cannot turn his back on Harry’s son. A systematic killer takes an impulsive student under his wing and a deadly mentorship is born. In search of the final target, they are threatened by scams, and those who should solve problems become problems themselves.

Formula 51 (2001)

A top American chemist plans to achieve success with a drug. But everything goes wrong when he soon becomes entangled in a web of deception.

Surrogates (2009)

People live their lives from the safety of their homes, controlling surrogate robots; sexy, physically perfect mechanical representations of themselves. It is an ideal world where crime, pain, fear, and consequences do not exist.

When the first murder in many years shakes this utopian community, FBI agent Greer (Bruce Willis) will discover a vast conspiracy hidden behind the surrogate phenomenon and will be forced to end the use of his own surrogate, risking his life to solve the mystery.

Deja Vu (2006)

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In New Orleans, during the celebration, a heavy explosion occurred on a ferry that had just docked and arrived from Algeria, killing a large number of American sailors. An investigation into the case is immediately launched, in which Agent Carlin (D. Washington) is particularly involved.

Sheriff Reed informs him that not far from the scene of the tragedy, the mutilated corpse of a woman was found, killed an hour before the ship’s explosion, who was obviously involved in this accident herself. In order to learn more about this case, which must be related to terrorism, the FBI offers Carlin to go back a few days in a satellite time machine. This would establish the woman’s identity and shed light on the whole case.

Upgrade (2018)

In one brutal and tragic event, Gray Trace will lose everything – the wife he adores and controls his own body. His situation attracts the attention of a mysterious billionaire who offers Gray a cure in the form of an experimental implant called STEM. Reluctantly, Gray accepts the offer but soon discovers that STEM has a voice and mind.

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

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Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher) suffers from a rare form of amnesia. Ever since childhood, the key moments of his life have disappeared and melted into a series of terrifying events that he cannot remember. All that remains are the ghosts of memory and the fragments of a life he is surrounded by.

Evan is now in college, reading his childhood diaries and inexplicably going back in time, and trying to change it and spare his friends and others he cares about. By changing events in the past, Evan hopes to change the present. But every time he changes something and returns to the present, he discovers that his actions had unexpected and disastrous consequences.

Jumper (2008)

David Rice is a “Jumper,” a teleporter who can go anywhere, whenever he wants. He can see 20 sunsets in one day, take his girlfriend around the world in the blink of an eye, and grab a million dollars in minutes. But his life suddenly changes when he is hunted by a mysterious organization sworn to kill all “jumpers.”

Reluctantly allying with another young “jumper,” David enters a war that has raged for thousands of years. As he flees across the world, he slowly discovers the startling truth about his past and his family. From the American West to the streets of Tokyo and the ruins of Rome, David’s global odyssey is the first chapter of an epic adventure.

Noah (2014)

God chose Noah (R. Crowe) for the most important task before an apocalyptic flood cleanses the world. He needs to build a ship to save his family and numerous animals… Inspired by the biblical story of Noah’s ark from the Book of Genesis. The film was praised for its direction and acting.

Synchronic (2019)

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The lives of two New Orleans paramedics are torn apart after they encounter a series of horrific drug-related deaths with bizarre, otherworldly effects.

Mute (2018)

Berlin in the future. In this loud, often ruthless city, Leo (Skarsgård), unable to speak due to a childhood accident, searches for his missing girlfriend, the love of his life, through dark streets, crazy places and the full spectrum of strange characters in the city.

In search of answers, Leo connects with Cactus Bill (Rudd) and Duck (Theroux), two reckless military surgeons, who have their own mission.

Inception (2010)

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Leonardo DiCaprio is Dom Cobb, a man who can manipulate dreams. Thanks to this fantastic ability, Cobb has become extremely sought after by powerful corporations who use his unique skills to outwit the competition and obtain valuable information. However, his latest assignment is unlike anything he’s done before.

Runner Runner (2013)

Sexy, dangerous and exciting! A film that satisfies all desires as it depicts a dream life and triggers universal fantasies about a quick path to riches. The star cast consists of Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck and Gemma Arterton, and the action is set in the exotic locations of Costa Rica.

Source Code (2011)

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In an assignment he’s never faced before, veteran soldier Colter Stevens realizes he’s part of a government experiment called “Source Code.” The program allows him to change into another person’s identity in the last 8 minutes of his life.

As another attack threatens to cause millions of casualties, Colter will relive the incident to gather as much information and clues as possible, until he discovers who is behind the bombing and prevents the next tragedy.

Jung_E (2023)

Set in the year 2200, the world has become uninhabitable due to climate change, and humanity now resides in a man-made habitat. Conflict arises within the shelter, and Yun Jung-Yi (played by Kim Hyun-Joo), the leader of the allied forces, becomes the focus of a brain cloning experiment that could hold the key to victory in the war.

The success of the brain cloning experiment rests on Seo-Hyun (played by Kang Soo-Yeon) and Sang-Hun (played by Ryoo Kyung-Soo), who are responsible for the development of brain cloning and AI technology. Seo-Hyun leads the lab team, while Sang-Hun serves as the laboratory’s director.

Chronicle (2012)

Three close friends, and high school classmates, make an incredible discovery after which their lives change completely. They get superpowers, which are very interesting and exciting at first, but… Soon, however, everything gets out of control, and their strong friendships are no longer like that…

Project Power (2020)

In the streets of New Orleans, rumors start to circulate about a peculiar new pill that grants individuals unique superpowers. The catch is that no one knows what it will do until they take it. Some people develop abilities like bulletproof skin, invisibility, and immense strength, while others experience more harmful side effects.

However, when the pill leads to a surge in crime in the city, a local police officer (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) joins forces with a teenage drug dealer (played by Dominique Fishback) and a former soldier with a personal vendetta (played by Jamie Foxx) to use their own newfound powers to take down the organization responsible for creating the pill.

Tenet (2020)

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John David Washington is the main protagonist of Christopher Nolan’s new Sci-Fi action spectacle, the short but significant title “Tenet.” Armed with only one word – Tenet – and fighting for the survival of the whole world, the protagonist of the story sets off through the half-dark world of international espionage on a mission that will take place in something outside of real-time. Inversion. It’s not time travel!

Wanted (2008)

One of the most pleasant surprises of the film offer in 2008 is the film “Wanted” by the Russian-Kazakh director Timur Bekmambetov. Based on the popular comic novel by writer Mark Millar, it is also his first film in the English language.

By surprise, I do not mean the rare opportunity for fans of Angelina Jolie to see a tattoo on the lower back of the actress, but primarily the fact that Bekmambet’s lavish visual style (known from the Night Watchmen shown here) was combined with an appropriate script in the director’s first Hollywood work, which resulted in adrenaline-charged extravagance that can hardly leave fans of the genre indifferent.

Repo Men (2010)

Remy and Jake are partners working in an organization that shortly sells necessary organs to people on credit. Whether you need a new heart, liver, or another organ – the organization is here to be the first to help you. Of course, everything has its price, and most people can only afford organ replacement by taking out a loan.

The moment when someone fails to pay the loan installment for his new organ – the organization sends Remy and Jake, who forcefully take the purchased organ and return it to the organization, leaving the man at the mercy.

Good Will Hunting (1997)

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck co-wrote and starred in this drama about rebellious 20-year-old cleaner Will Hunting (Matt Damon), who has an extremely high IQ. But, instead of using his gift, Will uses his free time to hang out with his friends, among whom he is closest to Chuckie (Ben Affleck) and his girlfriend Skylar (Minnie Driver).

When a math professor (Stellan Skarsgard) sets his students a math problem on the board in the hallway, Will solves the problem anonymously, prompting the professor to find a man with a genius mind who managed to solve the problem. While Will’s problems with the police have come to a head, the professor offers him the opportunity to save him from prison, but with two conditions – he has to go to therapy with a psychologist and take math lessons. Although he initially accepts the professor’s conditions, Will refuses to cooperate with the psychologist.

The professor is eventually forced to call for help his former schoolmate, psychologist Sean McGuire (Robin Williams), who teaches at a state college. Both are equally stubborn, but Sean will still manage to make Will face his past, but also his future.


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