70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

These days, a lot of Hollywood movies are mostly on the same, tried recept. But in this article, we are bringing you something different, the best mind bending movies of all time. Thes movies are something different, they need some amazing and unique screenwriting to be able to lead people on a journey they are not already prepared for.

It is definitely not an easy task, but some writers and directors are more willing to do this. And even though mind bending movies are usually not the biggest blockbusters in history, their reward is longevity and mostly an amazing critical response.

So, without further ado, let’s see what are the best mind bending movies of all time. As the movies themselves, be ready to find some real surprises on our list.

Predestination (2014)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

We follow the life of a Time Agent (Ethan Hawke) who embarks on a series of intricate journeys through time to stop future killers from committing their crimes. On his last mission, the Agent has to stop a criminal who keeps escaping through time. He must stop it before it causes a devastating attack in which thousands of lives will be lost.

Dark City (1998)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

John Murdoch wakes up in an unfamiliar hotel and realizes that he has lost his memory. At the same time, he learns that he is wanted for a series of brutal and bizarre murders.

While trying to remember his past, he encounters a diabolical underworld led by a group of beings known as Strangers, who have the ability to put people to sleep and change cities and their inhabitants. Murdoch must find a way to stop them before they take control of his mind and destroy him forever.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

In the world of the future, Tom Cruise is Lieutenant William Cage who fights in a war against aliens. Suddenly, he finds himself trapped in time, on the last day of the battle where he dies. Going through the last day of his life every time, Cage becomes more and more skilled and ready to face death after a while.

The Butterfly Effect (2004)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Evan Treborn (Ashton Kutcher) suffers from a rare form of amnesia. Ever since childhood, the key moments of his life have disappeared and melted into a series of terrifying events that he cannot remember. All that remains are the ghosts of memory and the fragments of a life he is surrounded by.

Evan is now in college, reading his childhood diaries and inexplicably going back in time, and trying to change it and spare his friends and others he cares about. By changing events in the past, Evan hopes to change the present. But every time he changes something and returns to the present, he discovers that his actions had unexpected and disastrous consequences.

The Truman Show (1998)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Thirty-year-old Truman Burbank (J. Carrey) lives an idyllic life: he works a well-paid job as an insurance salesman, lives in the picturesque Seahaven in the south of the country, and is married to the beautiful and caring Meryl (L. Linney).

However, the world around good-natured Truman is the most ordinary semblance. Namely, since childhood, Truman has been the star of the most popular TV show on the planet, where millions of viewers follow his everyday life 24 hours a day, while all the people in Truman’s life are actors and actresses. The producer of the show, Christof (E. Harris), makes sure that the naive Truman, who was abandoned by his parents in his early childhood, does not understand what is really happening around him. But one day exactly that will happen.

Fractured (2019)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Driving across the country, Ray, his wife and daughter stop at a highway rest stop, where his daughter falls and breaks her arm. After a big rush to the hospital and a confrontation with the admissions nurse, Ray is finally able to take her to the doctor. As his wife and daughter go downstairs to the MRI, Ray, exhausted, falls asleep in a chair in the lobby. When he wakes up, they no longer have any records or knowledge of Ray’s family.

Deja Vu (2006)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

In New Orleans, during the celebration, a heavy explosion occurred on a ferry that had just docked and arrived from Algeria, killing a large number of American sailors. An investigation into the case is immediately launched, in which Agent Carlin (D. Washington) is particularly involved.

Sheriff Reed informs him that not far from the scene of the tragedy, the mutilated corpse of a woman was found, killed an hour before the ship’s explosion, who was obviously involved in this accident herself. In order to learn more about this case, which must be related to terrorism, the FBI offers Carlin to go back a few days in a satellite time machine. This would establish the woman’s identity and shed light on the whole case.

ARQ (2016)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Trapped in a lab and stuck in a time loop, a disoriented couple fends off masked raiders while harboring a new energy source that could save humanity.

Identity (2003)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

The action of the film takes place in a motel in the American wasteland, where one rainy evening a dozen unusual characters meet by chance, among them the most reserved policeman who transports a murderer (Ray Liotta), the driver of a spoiled actress (John Cusack) and a prostitute who wants to retire and breed oranges (Amanda Peet). A raging storm cuts off the motel’s connection to the outside world, leaving the motley crew with no one to turn to for help after the killer escapes and begins the massacre.

The Fountain (2006)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

The search for the magic tree Or, more importantly, for its gift, haunts Tom (Hugh Jackman) for a thousand years. Told out of chronological order, The Fountain of Life follows Tom’s soul through three different incarnations, and during each of them, he desperately tries to save the life of his soulmate, Izza (Rachel Weisz) with the help of a tree.

We first meet Tomas, a conquistador in the 16th century who serves Queen Isabel. In order to save Spain from the Inquisition, he is tasked with finding a tree, and heads with fearless soldiers into the mysterious Mayan jungle.

In modern times, Dr. Tom Creo is involved in groundbreaking brain tumor research. He becomes obsessed with it when his wife Izzie also falls ill with a tumor, and she has only a few days to live. He is particularly interested in a tree that gives incredible results in the treatment of this dangerous disease… At least in monkeys.

With precious little time left, Tom must rush his research to show his sympathetic (but pragmatic) superiors and colleagues the riddle of the tree and save his wife.

Light years away, Tommy transports the tree to a mystical region of the galaxy. As he remembers Izzie and his past lives, he travels to a nebula that, once he arrives, promises both of them rebirth and departure into the world.

Synchronic (2019)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

The lives of two New Orleans paramedics are torn apart after they encounter a series of horrific drug-related deaths with bizarre, otherworldly effects.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things (2020)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

An unnamed girl (Buckley) comes to meet the parents of her new boyfriend Jake (Plemons). Along with the feeling that she wants to end the relationship, something deeper torments the girl. Surreal scenes of the future await her and her partner and inexplicable events appear before her eyes and she is no longer sure what is happening.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Steven Murphy, an eminent cardiologist, is married to Anna, a respected ophthalmologist. They are rich, happy and satisfied with their family life which consists of their two children, 14-year-old Kim and 12-year-old Bob.

Steven maintains a friendship with and cares for Martin, a 16-year-old boy living without a father. Their relationship takes a dark turn when Steven introduces Martin to his family, after which their life gradually becomes turmoil in which Steven is forced to make shocking sacrifices or face losing everything.

Frequency (2000)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

John Sullivan (J. Caviezel) is a depressed 36-year-old police officer who has just broken up with his girlfriend. John lives in his parent’s family home, and 30 years ago his father, fireman Frank (D. Quaid), died saving an unfortunate woman in a fire.

Turning on his father’s old amateur radio station, John makes a connection with an unknown man, whom he soon realizes is his own father, Frank. John decides to apply his present knowledge to change the past and save his father’s life. He succeeds in this, but by doing so he sets in motion a sequence of events that will threaten his mother’s life.

The Sixth Sense (1999)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Dr. Malcolm Crowe (B. Willis) is a respected expert on children’s mental problems, disorders and diseases. When he meets little Cole Sear (H.J. Osment), a boy who other people consider a freak, Cole reminds him of one of his patients, Vincent (D. Wahlberg), the only one he failed to help. Vincent grew up to be a completely distracted and disturbed young man, and once he crept into Dr. Crowe’s house and shot him.

Cautiously approaching Cole, Dr. Crowe gradually learns the boy’s terrible secret: he sees dead people and they speak to him. He lives in constant fear of everything he sees and what the dead ask of him. “Maybe you should listen to them,” Malcolm advises him. At the first opportunity, Cole listens to him: the recently deceased girl Kyra (M. Barton) hands him a box that her father should receive.

Secret Window (2004)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Although he knows he should be sitting at the computer and writing a new book or at least walking his dog around the lake not far from his cabin, successful writer Mort Rainey (Johnny Depp) mostly spends his time sleeping on his favorite couch for 16 hours a day. She is in the middle of a painful breakup that has gotten complicated and uncomfortable.

The separation completely deprived him of energy and creativity, leaving him at the mercy of a mental block so strong that he is unable to form even a simple sentence. Then, when things seemingly couldn’t get any worse, a psychotic stranger named John Shooter (John Turturro) shows up on his doorstep accusing Rainey of stealing his story and demanding satisfaction. Forced into a puzzling game of cat and mouse, Rainey discovers that he possesses far more determination and will than he ever imagined.

Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

A young married couple Rosemary (M. Farrow) and Guy (J. Cassavetes) move into a building with a bad reputation. Their neighbors are a friendly elderly couple – Roman (S. Blackmer) and Minnie (R. Gordon) Castevet, who give Rosemary more attention than she would like. Soon strange things begin to happen – a girl from the building dies in an unexplained way, Rosemary is haunted by terrible nightmares, strange chants are heard behind the neighboring wall, and Guy also becomes different than usual – cold and distant.

When Rosemary becomes pregnant, completely contrary to expectations, she begins to lose weight, is pale and exhausted, and suffers from severe pain. She soon begins to suspect that the tenants of the building have some unknown plan for her unborn child, and she will try to do everything to protect him. However, it may not be the child who needs protection.

Vanilla Sky (2001)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

In the eyes of many, David Aames (Tom Cruise) is just a spoiled brat who doesn’t even realize how lucky and rich he is – he is the heir to his father’s company, which fell to him after the death of his parents. In the week of his 33rd birthday, David first spends the night with Julie (Cameron Diaz), a friend with whom he occasionally sleeps, and then with Sofia (Penélope Cruz), a witty dancer with whom he might even fall in love.

However, after a car accident, David finds himself in prison, with a protective mask on his face, unaware of how and why he ended up there. In conversations with a sympathetic psychologist, he tries to find out what happened to him, but he does not get any results, and he begins to lose his sense of distinguishing between reality and unwanted thoughts.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Joel (Jim Carrey) is a bit withdrawn and silent guy. His girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet) is his exact opposite: a chatterbox who dyes her hair a different color every now and then, tells very strange stories and is full of positivity. The story begins when Joel realizes that Clementine, after a long-term relationship, underwent an experimental memory erasure procedure and completely erased her memory of him.

Whether for revenge on her, or for the fact that he loves a person who doesn’t even know who he is, Joel decides to do the same thing. During the process, he realizes that he made a mistake, but there is no turning back.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Astronaut David Bowmann (K. Dullea) is invited to the headquarters of space research to take on, together with his group, a new and very unusual task. The order is to figure out the mysterious, mysterious function of the geometrically regular black monolith from the crater of the Moon. Flight control is entrusted to the newest computer model – HAL 9000. However, the computer fails and David remains in space having experienced a complete transformation.

Arrival (2016)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

A total of twelve egg-shaped craft have landed in various locations around the world. The American army soon recruits linguist Louise Banks, whose task, with the help of physicist Ian Donnelly, is to find out whether our visitors have come in peace or whether they pose a threat to the entire humanity.

Cube (1997)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Six strangers find themselves torn from their everyday lives, trapped in a surreal prison, in a seemingly endless maze of interconnected cubic rooms equipped with deadly explosive traps.

Police officer. Professional thief. Student. Psychologist. Autistic. The selection of people seems random. None of them know why or how they are imprisoned, but it soon becomes clear that each of them has a skill that could help them escape.

There are many unanswered questions: who created this diabolical labyrinth and why? Personal conflicts and power struggles emerge as tensions rise. But one thing is crystal clear: unless they can learn to work together to unravel the secret of this deadly trap, none of them will live.

I Origins (2014)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

The story of Dr. Ian Gray (Michael Pitt), a molecular biologist who studies the evolution of the eye. His work begins to affect his life after a brief encounter with an exotic young woman (Astrid Berges-Frisbey).

12 Angry Men (1957)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

The defense and prosecution finished their work and the jury was sent to a separate room to decide whether a young and poor man of Mexican descent was responsible for his father’s murder. What seems like an easy decision soon becomes a storm of emotions in which all the flaws and prejudices of the jurors come to light. The only one who opposes the death penalty and doubts the evidence presented by the prosecution is juror number 8.

The Game (1997)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Multi-millionaire Nicholas Van Orton (M. Douglas) lives alone on his luxurious estate near San Francisco, and his only company is the family’s longtime housekeeper Ilsa (C. Baker). Nicholas recently divorced his wife Elizabeth (A. Katarina), devoted himself fully to his successful investment bank and tries to suppress memories of his father’s (C. Martinet) suicide when he was still a child.

The banker sees nothing wrong with his solitude, and is surprised when his younger brother Conrad (S. Penn), a longtime opiate addict, visits him for his 48th birthday. Conrad seems completely different now, and when he meets his brother, he presents him with a so-called access card. To the consumer recreation service that organizes the “game”. At first, ignoring the gift, Nicholas nevertheless decides to use it, and his life then suddenly turns into a series of bizarre events that are anything but fun.

Waking Life (2001)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

It is centered on a young man who wanders through a succession of dream-like realities wherein he encounters a series of individuals who engage in insightful philosophical discussions.

Get Out (2017)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

A young African-American Chris goes with his girlfriend Rose to a remote estate during the weekend to meet her parents, mother Missy and father Dean. Chris initially interprets their overly helpful behavior as a nervous attempt to mitigate the fact that their daughter is dating a dark-skinned young man, but as the weekend progresses, he uncovers a series of details that lead him to terrifying events he could never have imagined.

Black Swan (2010)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

It is a psychological thriller set in the ballet world of New York in which Nina (Portman) suddenly finds herself in a sea of ​​dangerous intrigues caused by the arrival of her new rival (Kunis). With a director-visionary like Aronofsky, there is no doubt that the viewer is in for an exciting and, at times, terrifying cinematic journey.

Primer (2004)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Working hard in a garage, four scientists discover that their latest work seems to have created an unexpected and seemingly impossible side effect. Suddenly, two members of this group realize that they are in possession of a device that can double their earnings.

Ex Machina (2014)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Young programmer Caleb is happy that he, of all the employees, got the chance to spend a few today with the CEO of his company. But what appears to be an invitation to casual socializing is actually the beginning of an experiment in which Caleb will test the limits of his humanity after meeting an artificially created being in a beautiful female body.

Moon (2009)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Sam Bell still has two weeks left on the three-year contract he signed with Lunar Industries. During those three years, Sam’s job was to collect and send Helium-3 to Earth. Since he has no direct communication with Earth, except for messages from his own wife that arrive from time to time, Sam’s only friend is GERTY, an intelligent computer whose function is to take care of his daily needs.

With almost no human contact, Sam begins to believe that three years of isolation from the rest of civilization is too much and is convinced that he is beginning to hallucinate. All he wants is to return to Earth to enjoy himself with his wife and three-year-old daughter who was born just before he left for the moon.

However, two weeks before the end of the contract, Sam has an accident with one of the machines that collect Helium-3, and after he wakes up, he discovers a terrifying secret that makes him question his sanity, his own identity, the company he works for and even the computer GERTY.

The Matrix (1999)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

A retired software professional leads a double life. He spends his nights in front of his computer where, under the pseudonym Neo, he becomes a hacker trying to discover something he himself is not sure exists. After he comes into contact with Morpheus, a legendary hacker whom the government claims is a terrorist, he is pursued by the police led by the dangerous agent Smith (H. Weaving).

Morpheus reveals to him that he is part of the matrix, which is an illusion of the world, that is, a virtual reality that computers have been using for centuries to control the enslaved human race. Morpheus is the leader of a small group of people who have learned the truth and are trying to start a war for liberation from the computers. A new hope awakens in them, because according to legend, the Chosen One is coming – the only one who will be able to stand up to the machines. Everything indicates that Neo could be the one.

Inception (2010)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Leonardo DiCaprio is Dom Cobb, a man who possesses the ability to manipulate dreams. Thanks to this fantastic ability, Cobb has become extremely sought after by powerful corporations who use his unique skills to outwit the competition and obtain valuable information. However, his latest assignment is unlike anything he’s done before.

The Invitation (2015)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

After her mother’s death and with no other known relatives, Evie (Nathalie Emmanuel) uses a DNA test to discover a long-lost relative she never knew she had. Invited by her newfound family to a lavish wedding in the English countryside, she is immediately seduced by the handsome aristocratic host. But she is soon thrust into a survival nightmare as she uncovers twisted secrets in her family’s history and the disturbing intentions behind her sinful generosity.

Interstellar (2014)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Caring father Cooper (Matthew McConaughey), a trained pilot and engineer, has devoted himself to a peaceful life as a farmer on the farm where he lives with his children. When a group of scientists discovers a hole in the universe that could allow the human species to travel interstellar, they will turn to him to start a journey from which there may be no return. The stakes are as high as the responsibility that Cooper carries on his back…

An epic story of a heroic interstellar journey beyond the limits of scientific knowledge. The film explores the premise of the existence of a man who was born on Earth, but who is not destined to die on Earth.

The Prestige (2006)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

It all begins in London at the turn of the century, a city that at that time was rapidly changing its appearance. At that time, when magicians are idols and stars of the highest order, two young magicians start their journey to fame. The easy-going, refined Robert Angier (Jackman) is the entertainer of the masses, and the rough-and-tumble purist Alfred Borden (Bale) is a creative genius who lacks the confidence to show off his magical ideas on stage.

The two start out as friends, full of mutual admiration, and partners. But when their biggest trick goes horribly wrong, they become lifelong enemies – each determined to outdo and defeat the other. Trick after trick, play after play, their bitter rivalry grows without bounds.

They even use a fantastic new force, electricity, and the scientific genius of Nikola Tesla – while the lives of everyone around them hang in the balance. Full of sudden surprises and revelations, the film explores a world where the limits and darkest corners of faith, trust and possibilities are challenged.

Tenet (2020)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

John David Washington is the main protagonist of Christopher Nolan’s new Sci-Fi action spectacle, the short but significant title “Tenet.” Armed with only one word – Tenet – and fighting for the survival of the whole world, the protagonist of the story sets off through the half-dark world of international espionage on a mission that will take place in something outside of real time. Inversion. It’s not time travel!

Memento (2000)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Leonard (G. Pearce) is a man with no long-term memory, only short-term. Thanks to a complex system of reminders scattered across Polaroid photos, pieces of paper, and even tattoos on his body, he knows that after receiving a blow to the head in a fight with the rapist and murderer of his beloved wife, he was forever pushed into the present.

From the past, brief flashes of faces and events that he can’t connect keep coming to him. Everything he does, and it’s obvious that he’s looking for the killer to get revenge on him, is questionable and probably wrong.

There is no solid point for him to cling to, and giving up on dealing with the elusive shadows of the past would also make his future questionable. Has he turned into a deadly weapon controlled by others? Doesn’t revenge, with which he tries to put an end to what he lost, open a new cycle of crime?

The Usual Suspects (1995)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

An unprecedented crime took place in the Californian city of San Pedro: about thirty people were killed in the port due to shady money deals. The only two survivors, a Hungarian and a disreputable cripple Roger Kint (K. Spacey), who turns out to be working as an arms smuggler, are the only real witnesses to the event.

During the police investigation led by the experienced investigator Kujan (C. Palminteri), Kint begins to narrate how the criminal activity took place, what preceded it and what were the real reasons for it. The trail of the story goes back to another crime that took place two months ago in New York in a major armed robbery.

Kujan believes that the organizers of that robbery could be the key to solving the San Pedro tragedy, especially the main suspect, ex-cop Keaton (G. Byrne). Kint’s story, as well as the elements of the testimony given by the Hungarian in the hospital, indicate that the pillar of the crime is a certain Kayser Söze, a brilliant criminal about whom nothing is known.

A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

The plot focuses on a recently released patient from a mental institution who returns home with his sister, only to be confronted with disturbing events between her stepmother and the ghosts that haunt their home – all connected to their family’s dark past.

Fight Club (1999)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

The narrator (E. Norton) is tormented by life without meaning and a future, a corporate career and the consumer culture to which his generation is condemned. Without family and close friends, he often, for the sake of company, goes to meetings of people suffering from cancer or some other disease, pretending to be one of them.

On them, he notices Marla (H. Bonham-Carter), a girl who, like him, doesn’t belong there. Returning from a business trip on the plane, he meets a charismatic like-minded person, Tyler Durden (B. Pitt), with whom he befriends and founds a secret new club where young people like them get a chance to express their frustrations through brutal mutual fights.

The popularity of the club grows to unprecedented proportions, forcing them to open many new ones across the country. Durden soon transformed into a cultural figure of epic proportions, a new messiah for a lost generation. However, he is driven by hidden motives, much more violent and destructive.

Se7en (1995)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

A series of incredibly brutal murders has shocked the public, and detectives Sommerset (Morgan Freeman) and Mills (Brad Pitt) seem to be facing an unsolvable puzzle. The model by which an unknown criminal chooses and kills his victims is taken from biblical tradition; one by one, people who can be blamed for one of the seven deadly sins are killed, in cruel ways that leave no doubt as to the motives of the maniacal killer.

The experienced and well-read Sommerset studies the legend of the seven deadly sins in order to better understand the killer’s motives and means, while his younger colleague Mills fears the possibility of understanding a deranged mind. The situation for the detectives becomes even more complicated when the killer involves them more concretely in the realization of his incredible plan.

Lucy (2014)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

A fragile girl, Lucy, is kidnapped to become a human mule, a carrier of a bag of unknown contents in her stomach. But the seemingly gentle Lucy soon turns into an all-powerful warrior who uses her entire brain instead of 10%. In order to find out what is happening to her, Lucy turns to Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) for help.

Shutter Island (2010)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his new partner, Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo), are two federal sheriffs investigating the disappearance of a convicted murderer who escaped from a mental institution and is suspected of hiding on remote Shutter Island.

The whole situation suddenly gets complicated after the island is hit by a big storm that separates them from the rest of the world.

The Secret in Their Eyes (2009)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Argentinian Benjamín Espósito (R. Darín) spent his whole life working in court. After retiring, he decided to write a novel in which he intends to summarize some of the most important events from his working life.

In this, he included the never-solved crime of rape and murder of a beautiful girl from way back in 1974, in the investigation of which he himself was involved. As the novel progresses, the author, with many details, begins to reveal a possible clue to the killer, by identifying a man through a photograph. It is probably about a certain Gómez (J. Godino), a man who is currently in Buenos Aires.

The Gift (2015)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

When Simon (J. Bateman) changed jobs, he and his wife Robyn (R. Hall) moved from Chicago to the suburbs of Los Angeles. While shopping, they met Simon’s schoolmate Gordon Moseley, aka Gordo (J. Edgerton), who has since started dropping by unannounced and bringing gifts.

It started to bother Simon, but Robyn didn’t see any problem in it until she started to discover the truth about the relationship between the two men during school and wonder how well we know the people we are close to.

Mulholland Drive (2001)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

After a serious car accident in Los Angeles, Rita remains the only survivor, but as a result, she has total amnesia. Wandering around a now foreign part of the city center, her story strangely intertwines with that of Betty, a bright-eyed young woman looking for her fortune in a movie in Hollywood.

However, Bett, intrigued by Rita’s situation, puts aside her dreams for the moment in her desire to help her solve her mystery.

The two women soon discover that nothing is as it seems in the city of dreams. Both get drawn into a psychotic illusion concerning the dangerous blue box, director Adam Kesher, as well as the mysterious nightclub ‘Silencio’.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

What started as a game of cat and mouse turned into a father-son relationship, in this true story of pretending, cheating and lying, through which the famous director Steven Spielberg and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks will take us. In order to reconcile his separated parents and paid back his father’s debt to the IRS, high school student Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo DiCaprio) escapes from New Rochelle to Manhattan with only $25.

Just a few years later, FBI agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks) arrests Frank in France as one of the world’s most wanted fraudsters, who has damaged various state institutions and private companies for more than four million dollars. is a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer, and his frauds were not exposed even by his closest associates.

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch (2018)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

The Netflix interactive film is part of the 5th season of the series “Black Mirror”. The concept of the film is unique because the viewer makes all the decisions for the main character.

The story is set in the year 1984 and we follow a young programmer, Stefano, who was given the task of making a video game based on a fantasy novel in which you choose your own adventure.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

He saw the world in a way that no one could have imagined, but his superb mathematical achievements were almost eclipsed by paranoid attacks that threatened the health of his genius mind. Russell Crowe excels as the famous mathematician John Nash in the poignant drama “A Mind of Genius”.

At the prestigious Princeton University, John Nash (Russell Crowe) tries to leave a valuable legacy to the mathematical world, which he succeeds in doing, and for his contribution he is awarded the Nobel Prize. After school, Nash turns to teaching, eager to pass on his knowledge to students, and falls in love with one of the students, the beautiful Alicia (Jennifer Connelly).

Nash’s fame and his achievements do not go unnoticed even among the highest government officials, who turn to him for help in breaking the codes of encrypted Soviet messages. Entering the world of international espionage also draws Nash into terrifying conspiracy theories, so the mathematician soon begins to suffer from attacks of paranoia. The only person who can help him regain his mental strength and status as a top scientist is his Alicia.

Being John Malkovich (1999)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Craig Schwartz is a talented but unemployed puppeteer who lives with his wife Lotte and a bunch of her pets, including a chimpanzee. Lotte, who works as a saleswoman in a pet store, would still somehow make ends meet, but not with a bunch of her four-legged and feathered friends. Therefore, Craig is forced to look for a job.

He finds it in a New York company, located on a mezzanine floor where the ceilings are so low that all employees have to bend down when walking. The owner of the company, the elderly dr. Lester fills poor Schwartz’s ears with his bizarre sexual fantasies about the dyslexic secretary Floris. Craig’s silent suffering is represented by his sexy colleague Maxine, who can’t even imagine herself with such a pathetic loser.

But Craig’s life suddenly changes when, through a combination of circumstances, he finds a hidden tunnel in the building that leads him nowhere but into another person’s mind. That person is none other than the famous actor John Malkovich, and Craig has the opportunity to hear everything Malkovich hears, see everything Malkovich sees and feel everything Malkovich feels.

The Others (2001)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

The island of Jersey, 1945. World War II has ended, but Grace’s (Nicole Kidman) husband has not returned from the battlefield. In a secluded Victorian house, she raises her two children alone, within the terrifying restrictions imposed by strict religious principles.

Her children, Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley), suffer from an unusual and rare disease: they must not be exposed to direct daylight. The family is joined by three new servants, who many years ago worked here for another family, and were surprised to learn that Grace was expecting them. The servants must learn the main rule: the house must always be in semi-darkness. Strange things begin to happen: Anne tells her mother that another boy, Victor, lives in the house.

Grace punishes her, but then she herself begins to be gripped by anxiety and fear. Wanting the advice of the local priest, she sets out for the village, but gets lost in the thick fog on the way. On the verge of madness, she no longer trusts anyone. He clashes with his servants and his children. He has to face a terrible truth.

Mr. Nobody (2009)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

One hundred and eighteen-year-old Nemo Nobody (J. Leto) is the last living mortal on Earth, who in the dystopian future world of 2092 recalls his life, or rather his possible lives, in front of a persistent journalist. While the public in a kind of reality show follows the anticipation of his imminent death, because people have meanwhile become immortal thanks to “telomerization”, Nemo, with the help of a psychiatrist, mentally returns to his initially happy childhood, until the moment in which, when he was 9 years old, the boy’s father (R. Ifans) and mother (N. Little) decided to divorce.

If he had run after the departing train at the train station that day after his parent’s divorce and continued to live with his mother, Nemo would have gotten closer to the romantic Anne (D. Kruger). If he had stayed with his father, he would have met the capricious Elise (S. Polley), and if he had gone his own way, Nemo would have found his soul mate in the timid Jeanne (L. Dan Pham), but neither in that marriage nor in the other two would be happy. Moreover, in all three cases, he would have died a violent death either in a traffic accident or as the wrongful victim of a contract killer.

Split (2016)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Although Kevin’s psychiatrist, dr. Fletcher confirmed that she has 23 different personalities, it is still questionable which personality dominates the others. Forced to kidnap three teenage girls led by the headstrong Casey, Kevin starts a war for survival between himself and all the personalities inside him – as well as everyone around him.

Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

In Spain in 1944, immediately after the Civil War, the girl Ofelia (I. Baquero) moves away with her pregnant mother to stepfather Vidal (S. López), a cruel military commander of Franco’s army. In order to escape from the ugly everyday life, Ofelia constantly escapes into her fantasy world. One day, her curiosity takes her to the forest, and to a mysterious underground labyrinth where she meets an unusual being, the mythical Pan (D. Jones).

Pan claims that she is the reincarnation of Princess Moanna – the lost daughter of the underground king and that his task is to guard the portal that should return her to her father. But first of all, it is necessary to check whether her immortal soul has remained unchanged and Ophelia must complete three tasks during the full moon. However, this will dangerously intertwine this fairy tale with the reality of war.

The Machinist (2004)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Trevor Reznik (C. Bale) has been suffering from chronic insomnia for a year, he has become excessively weak, he is lonely and completely disappointed. At work, he hardly communicates with anyone, and after work he only meets with thee prostitute Stevie (J. Jason-Leigh) or goes to a small restaurant where he can talk to the beautiful and pleasant waitress Maria (A. Sanchez-Gijón).

Soon something happens that makes him think that his problems are not ordinary insomnia: he begins to hallucinate that he is being chased by a worker whom no one else can see and who upsets him so much that he hides a serious accident in which his boss loses an arm. After that, pieces of paper with a game of “hangman” appear in his apartment, which seems to suggest that someone wants to kill him. Trevor will try to investigate whether there is some kind of conspiracy against him hidden behind all this, and he, searching, drags two female friends into his madness.

Mirage (2018)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

During a mysterious thunderstorm, Vera, a young mother, manages to save a life in danger, but her good deed causes a disturbing chain of unexpected consequences.

12 Monkeys (1995)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Philadelphia, 2035. After an unknown infectious disease ravaged humanity in the mid-nineties, killing five billion people, the rest of the human race survives deep beneath the Earth’s crust. The surface is ravaged and ruled by wild animals.

In order to save the remaining people, the authorities send the prisoner James Cole (B. Willis) to the past to isolate a dangerous virus and thus make it possible to create a vaccine in the future. Cole mistakenly ends up in 1990, not 1996 when the pandemic happened, where he is immediately locked up and assigned to Dr. Kathryn Railly’s (M. Stowe) doctors.

Dr. Railly thinks that he has a schizophrenic raving in front of him. Therefore, he places him in a psychiatric hospital, where the distraught James meets the paranoid Jeffrey Goines (B. Pitt), the son of a famous virologist (C. Plummer) and the leader of the so-called The army of the twelve monkeys, which in the future took responsibility for the spread of the virus.

Cloud Atlas (2012)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Everything in the world is connected: a diary of a trip across the Pacific from 1849; the composer’s letters to his friend; a thriller about a murder in a nuclear plant; a farce about a publisher in a home for the infirm; a wild clone in a futuristic Korea and the story of a tribe that inhabits a post-apocalyptic Hawaii, far in the future.

The Invisible Guest (2016)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Trapped in a violent relationship with a rich and brilliant scientist, Cecilia Kate escapes under the cover of night and hides with the help of her sister, a longtime friend and his daughter. But after Cecilia’s ex-partner commits suicide and leaves her a sizable inheritance, Cecilia doubts the truth of the suicide story.

At the same time, inexplicable and deadly things begin to happen to her that threaten her and everyone she cares about, and her mind slowly begins to leave her as she tries to prove to everyone that she is being pursued by someone that no one can see.

Brazil (1985)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Sam Lowry (J. Pryce) works as a clerk in a ministry of a totalitarian state that is practically suffocating in the overwhelming bureaucracy. The country is ravaged by a group of so-called terrorists who persistently fight against the tyrannical government. One of the main anti-state activists is Harry Tuttle (R. De Niro), so the government issues an order for his arrest. Due to a bureaucratic error, the police catch the innocent Harry Buttle.

As the system does not want to admit the mistake, Buttle is executed, and Lowry needs to apologize to the victim’s family. On this assignment, he accidentally meets a girl, Jill (K. Greist), who constantly appears in his dreams and imagination. At first, Jill is reluctant to talk to Lowry, believing him to be the same as all government people, but soon becomes convinced of his good intentions. As she is also on the government’s blacklist, Lowry tries to help her.

The Man from Earth (2007)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

An unexpected farewell party for Professor John Oldman turns into a secret interrogation after the professor discovers that he never ages and has been walking the Earth for 14,000 years. As the reason for his departure, he said that he was forced to change his location every ten years so that no one would notice that he was not aging. But the more details he reveals about his past, the less everyone trusts him.

Donnie Darko (2001)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Donnie Darko (Jake Gyllenhaal) is plagued by visions of a giant anthropomorphic rabbit, Frank, who predicts the end of the world in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds and urges Donnie to dangerous and destructive mischief. One night, Frank walks Donnie out of the house, moments before a Boeing 747 engine crashes out of the sky into his bedroom, prompting Donnie to think that maybe Frank’s prophecies are not fiction.

The next day, Donnie meets a new student at school, Gretchen, and the same night he meets Frank again, who persuades him to cause a flood in the school. Soon, Frank gets Donnie interested in time travel, so Donnie borrows from the physics professor the book “The Philosophy of Time Travel”, by Roberta Sparrow, a weirdo who stands on the road all day checking to see if the mail has arrived.

The Illusionist (2006)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Eisenheim (Edward Norton) was born as the son of a carpenter in Austria-Hungary. One day he meets a traveling magician by the side of the road. After the magician shows him a few tricks, both he and the tree he was sitting under disappear. Eisenheim soon becomes obsessed with illusions. He also falls in love with Sophie (Jessica Biel), who is unfortunately out of his reach because she is a member of the noble Von Teschen family.

This difference in status does not prevent them from being secretly in a secret hiding place in the forest. Eisenheim plans to travel to China, where he intends to learn all the secrets of magic. Sophie promises to go with him. But on the day of the trip, the police come to get Sophie and take her away from Eisenheim. Eisenheim leaves the village and travels the world, where he perfects his knowledge of magic.

Fifteen years later he returns as a great illusionist, and at one of his shows he meets Sophie again, but she is engaged to Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell). After the fateful meeting, Sophie and Eisenheim feel that old flame again, but the cruel Prince does everything to destroy Eisenheim.

Source Code (2011)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

In an assignment he’s never faced before, veteran soldier Colter Stevens realizes he’s part of a government experiment called “Source Code.” It is the program that allows him to change into the identity of another person in the last 8 minutes of his life.

As another attack threatens to cause millions of casualties, Colter will relive the incident to gather as much information and clues as possible, until he discovers who is behind the bombing and prevents the next tragedy.

The Skin I Live In (2011)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Vicente (J. Cornet/E. Anaya) is a young man from Toledo who works as an assistant in his mother’s tailoring workshop and is unhappily in love with her co-worker, the lesbian Cristina (B. Lennie). One evening, during a party in a nearby castle, he meets Norma, the daughter of a famous cosmetic surgeon (A. Banderas) and, by chance, he tries to propose to her, but to no avail.

Convinced that she was raped, Norma goes crazy and, in a frenzy, mistakes her own father for the rapist. Not long after that, she commits suicide, which is why her father kidnaps Vicente and decides to take revenge on him in the most wicked way – to make him his slave. Because of this, as an expert in transplanting the skin he grows, he could perform a complete physical transformation on him.

K-PAX (2001)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

A homeless man begging at the Grand Central RR station in New York sees Prot (Kevin Spacey) appear out of nowhere. When the police pull him over after trying to help a woman who has been robbed, they detain him because he claims he didn’t arrive by train because he came from another planet. They take him to a mental hospital where he is under the supervision of Dr. Powell (Jeff Bridges) who, of course, is skeptical of his claims that he comes from K-Pax, a planet 1000 light years from Earth.

Two things change the doctor’s opinion of Proto that he begins to look at him differently than other patients. One is that Prot affects the healing of some patients at the Manhattan Psychiatric Institute: a man who is panicking about germs finally removes his mask from his face, and a woman who does not want to leave her room after a while does. Second, it describes the outer universe in minute detail and Dr. Powell decides to share this information with his good friend, astronomer Steve. When Steve studies the data, he arranges a meeting at the planetarium between Prot and his fellow astronomers, and soon they begin to believe that Prot is more than a scholar.

Looper (2012)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Joseph Simmons is a member of a group of assassins who call themselves the Loopers and work for a criminal organization in the distant future. Their bosses send targets back in time, and the assassins’ job is simply to kill them and dispose of the bodies. The target disappears from the future, and the killers dispose of a body that technically doesn’t exist. Joe enjoys the money and benefits of his job, but things get complicated when he realizes that his next target is himself… Joe from the future.

Coherence (2013)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Eight friends meet again for dinner after a long time. The fact that a comet flies close to Earth on the same evening receives only marginal attention at first. But when the mobile phones suddenly went haywire and the electricity went out in the entire district, the first doubts arose as to whether this was actually just a harmless celestial phenomenon. But an emergency power generator provides.

Pi (1998)

70 Best Mind Bending Movies Of All Time

Max Cohen is an IT genius with a great talent for mathematics through which he views and interprets all of life and events. He lives alone, moreover, he is extremely antisocial and hardly socializes with anyone except his self-made computer, which has unimagined capabilities to analyze and predict movements on the stock exchange.

Max tries to find the numerological principle by which the value of stocks moves and which would allow him to accurately predict the rise or fall of stocks. As it approaches the solution, ie. to a magical number that will reveal many secrets and even religious ones, Max’s headaches and apparitions, from which he normally suffers, are getting stronger and stronger.


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