30 Best Movies That Start With N

Best Movies That Start With N

Movies have always been a beloved source of entertainment, captivating audiences with their gripping stories, dynamic characters, and stunning visuals. When selecting a movie, countless options spanning various genres and themes exist. If you’re looking for a movie that starts with the letter “N,” you’re in luck, as many incredible films fit the bill.

From heart-wrenching dramas to exhilarating action flicks, movies starting with the letter “N” offer a diverse range of cinematic experiences. Whether you’re a classic cinema or modern-day blockbusters fan, this selection has something for everyone. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best movies starting with “N,” highlighting their unique qualities and reasons for their worth watching.

Nacho Libre (2006)

Nacho Libre (2006)

Nacho Libre is a comedy-drama film about Ignacio, a cook at a Mexican orphanage who secretly dreams of becoming a wrestler. He decides to pursue his dream to raise money for the orphanage and becomes a masked wrestler called “Nacho Libre.” Along the way, he forms a friendship with a new nun, Sister Encarnación, and tries to win her affection. The film is a hilarious and heartwarming underdog story that showcases Jack Black’s comedic talents.

Nanny McPhee (2005)

Nanny McPhee is a fantasy-comedy film about a magical nanny hired to care for the seven misbehaving children of the widowed Mr. Brown. Nanny McPhee is unlike any other nanny, and as she works her magic on the children, they learn to respect and love her. As they learn to behave, the children begin to enjoy life again.

However, when the children’s domineering aunt comes to stay, Nanny McPhee’s powers are tested as she tries to help them overcome the obstacles in their lives. The film is a fun-filled, magical adventure perfect for children and adults alike.

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Napoleon Dynamite is a comedy film that follows the life of an awkward, quirky teenager named Napoleon. Set in rural Idaho, the film chronicles Napoleon’s struggles to fit in and make friends. He has an odd family, an unemployed brother, and a new friend named Pedro, who wants to run for class president. The film is a hilarious and heartwarming tale of growing up, with iconic quotes and memorable characters that have made it a cult classic.

National Lampoon’s Animal House (1978)

National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

National Lampoon’s Animal House is a classic comedy film set in the early 1960s on a college campus. The film follows the raunchy and outrageous antics of the members of Delta Tau Chi fraternity, who challenge the strict rules and regulations of the college. The members of Delta Tau Chi are led by their fearless leader, Bluto, who causes chaos and havoc wherever he goes. The film is a hilarious, raunchy, and rebellious portrayal of college life, with unforgettable characters and scenes that have made it a cult classic.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a comedy film that follows the hilarious mishaps of the Griswold family as they try to have the perfect Christmas. Clark Griswold, played by Chevy Chase, tries to create a memorable holiday for his family, but everything that can go wrong does. The film is a heartwarming and hilarious tale of family, with plenty of laughs and mishaps along the way. It has become a holiday classic that is enjoyed by families around the world during the Christmas season.

National Treasure (2004)

National Treasure (2004)

National Treasure is an action-adventure film that follows the adventures of historian and treasure hunter Ben Gates, played by Nicholas Cage. He sets out on a quest to find a legendary treasure hidden by the United States’ founding fathers.

Along with his team, he deciphered clues and follows the trail of hidden artifacts, all while being pursued by a rival treasure hunter. The film is a thrilling ride full of action and suspense, with a historical twist.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984)

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is a Japanese animated film set in a post-apocalyptic world. The film follows the story of Princess Nausicaä, who is the leader of a peaceful tribe living in a toxic jungle.

When a neighboring kingdom threatens to destroy the jungle, Nausicaä must use her wit and bravery to save her people and bring peace to the world. The film is a beautiful and poignant tale of courage and hope, with stunning animation and a captivating story.

Network (1976)

Network (1976)

Network is a satirical drama film that explores the world of television news. The film follows a veteran news anchor, Howard Beale, who is on the brink of a breakdown. When he becomes a rating sensation after threatening to commit suicide on air, the network exploits his breakdown for profit.

As the network’s executives continue to manipulate Beale and his viewers, the film raises questions about the ethics and morality of the media industry. The film is a thought-provoking and powerful commentary on the state of television news.

Nevada Smith (1966)

Nevada Smith is a Western film that follows the story of Max Sand, played by Steve McQueen. Max is a half-Indian cowboy seeking revenge for the brutal murder of his parents.

Along the way, he learns the art of gunfighting and becomes an expert in tracking and survival. The film is a thrilling and action-packed adventure, with McQueen delivering a memorable performance as the rugged and determined hero.

Never Been Kissed (1999)

Never Been Kissed is a romantic comedy film that follows the story of Josie, played by Drew Barrymore. Josie is a copy editor who goes undercover as a high school student to report on a story for the newspaper.

However, her plan backfires when she falls for her English teacher, played by Michael Vartan. The film is a heartwarming and funny tale of second chances and teenage romance, with a great cast and a feel-good ending.

Never Say Never Again (1983)

Never Say Never Again (1983)

Never Say Never Again is a spy film that features James Bond, played by Sean Connery, returning to the role after a 12-year hiatus. The film follows Bond as he is sent on a mission to retrieve two stolen nuclear warheads.

Along the way, he encounters the villainous organization SPECTRE and the seductive villainess Fatima Blush, played by Barbara Carrera. The film is a thrilling and action-packed addition to the James Bond franchise, with Connery delivering a memorable performance as the iconic spy.

Newsies (1992)

Newsies is a musical drama film set in New York City at the turn of the 20th century. The film follows the story of a group of newsboys who go on strike to protest against the unfair treatment by their employers.

The newsboys are led by Jack Kelly, played by Christian Bale, who becomes a reluctant leader of the movement. The film is a rousing and inspiring tale of unity and determination, with catchy songs and excellent choreography.

Next (2007)

Next is a sci-fi action-thriller film that follows the story of Cris Johnson, played by Nicolas Cage. Cris is a Las Vegas magician who has the ability to see two minutes into the future.

When he is pursued by government agents who want to use his ability for their own purposes, he must use his gift to outsmart them and save the woman he loves. The film is a fast-paced and exciting ride, with Cage delivering a memorable performance as the unconventional hero.

Night at the Museum (2006)

Night at the Museum (2006)

Night at the Museum is a fantasy-comedy film that follows the story of Larry Daley, played by Ben Stiller. Larry is a down-on-his-luck divorced father who takes a job as a night security guard at the American Museum of Natural History.

However, when the exhibits come to life at night, Larry must navigate through an array of historical and prehistoric characters to keep the museum safe. The film is a hilarious and entertaining adventure that is perfect for the whole family, with a great cast and excellent special effects.

Night Shift (1982)

Night Shift is a comedy film that follows the story of Chuck and Bill, played by Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton, respectively. The two friends work as morgue attendants and come up with a scheme to turn the morgue into a brothel.

Along the way, they encounter an array of eccentric characters and try to navigate their way through a series of hilarious mishaps. The film is a funny and irreverent comedy showcasing Winkler and Keaton’s talents.

Nightcrawler (2014)


Nightcrawler is a crime thriller film that follows the story of Lou Bloom, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Lou is a driven and ambitious young man who discovers the world of crime journalism.

As he becomes more and more involved in the world of crime reporting, Lou begins to blur the lines between observer and participant, putting himself and those around him in danger. The film is a dark and intense character study, with Gyllenhaal delivering a memorable performance as the complex and disturbing protagonist.

Nightwatch (1997)

Nightwatch is a horror-thriller film that follows the story of a law student named Martin, played by Ewan McGregor, who takes a job as a night watchman at a morgue.

As Martin begins to witness strange and terrifying events at the morgue, he becomes increasingly convinced that something sinister is going on. The tense and atmospheric horror film will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Nikita (1990)

Nikita is an action-thriller film that follows the story of a young woman named Nikita, played by Anne Parillaud, who is forced into becoming a government assassin after being convicted of murder.

As Nikita begins her training, she begins to question the morality of her actions and the organization that controls her. The film is a tense and exciting thriller, with Parillaud delivering a memorable performance as the conflicted and deadly protagonist.

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)

Nineteen Eighty-Four is a dystopian sci-fi film based on the novel of the same name by George Orwell. The film is set in a totalitarian future society where individuality and free thought are outlawed.

The story follows the life of Winston Smith, played by John Hurt, who begins to rebel against the oppressive government and falls in love with a fellow dissident, played by Suzanna Hamilton. The film is a powerful and haunting depiction of a world without freedom, with excellent performances and a bleak and thought-provoking storyline.

Nixon (1995)

Nixon is a biographical drama film that follows the life and presidency of Richard Nixon, played by Anthony Hopkins. The film explores Nixon’s early life, his political career, and the Watergate scandal that led to his resignation.

The film is a powerful and thought-provoking portrayal of one of the most controversial presidents in US history, with excellent performances and a detailed look at the inner workings of the Nixon administration.

No Country for Old Men (2007)

No Country for Old Men (2007)

No Country for Old Men is a neo-western crime thriller film that follows the story of a Vietnam War veteran, played by Josh Brolin, who stumbles upon a drug deal gone wrong in the Texas desert.

As he tries to escape with the money, he is pursued by a ruthless hitman, played by Javier Bardem, and a determined sheriff, played by Tommy Lee Jones. The film is a tense and gripping tale of greed and violence, with outstanding performances and stunning cinematography.

No Time to Die (2021)

No Time to Die is an action-adventure spy film that follows the final mission of James Bond, played by Daniel Craig. Bond is pulled out of retirement to rescue a kidnapped scientist, leading him to a dangerous encounter with a new villain, played by Rami Malek.

Along the way, Bond reunites with old allies and confronts his own past. The film is a thrilling and emotional farewell to Craig’s tenure as Bond, with spectacular action sequences and a touching storyline.

No Way Out (1987)

No Way Out is a political thriller film that follows the story of a Navy officer, played by Kevin Costner, who becomes embroiled in a cover-up of a murder involving high-ranking government officials.

As he tries to clear his name, he finds himself in a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with a mysterious woman, played by Sean Young. The film is a suspenseful and engrossing thriller, with excellent performances and a twist ending that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

Nope (2022)

Nope (2022)

The movie follows the Haywood family in Agua Dulce, California, who trains and handles horses for film and television productions. After experiencing strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena, the family discovers an unidentified flying object (UFO) shaped like a flying saucer that has been taking their horses and spitting out inorganic matter. The Haywood siblings and a Fry’s Electronics employee decide to document and sell evidence of the UFO’s existence.

However, they soon realize it’s not a spaceship, but a highly territorial predatory organism. They devise a plan to capture the creature with the help of a cinematographer and Angel, and name the organism “Jean Jacket.” As they work to capture it on film, they come to realize the creature only attacks those who look directly at it, leading to a thrilling and terrifying battle against Jean Jacket.

Norma Rae (1979)

Norma Rae is a drama film about a factory worker named Norma Rae Webster who becomes a labor union activist. Norma works at a textile factory where she witnesses unsafe working conditions and unfair treatment of the workers.

She fights back against the factory management and organizes the workers to form a union. The movie is based on the true story of Crystal Lee Sutton, a textile worker and labor union activist from North Carolina.

North by Northwest (1959)

North by Northwest is a classic thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The movie follows an advertising executive named Roger Thornhill who is mistaken for a government agent and becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of espionage.

Thornhill is chased across the United States by foreign spies who are trying to kill him, leading to a series of thrilling and suspenseful set pieces, including a famous scene on Mount Rushmore.

Nosferatu (1922)


Nosferatu is a classic silent horror film directed by F.W. Murnau. The movie is an unauthorized adaptation of Bram Stoker’s novel “Dracula” and tells the story of a vampire named Count Orlok who moves from Transylvania to Germany to prey on the local population.

The movie is known for its eerie atmosphere and iconic images of Count Orlok, played by Max Schreck.

Notorious (1946)

Notorious is a romantic thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The movie follows a woman named Alicia Huberman, who the American government recruits to spy on a group of Nazis in South America after her father is convicted of treason.

She is assisted by a government agent named Devlin, and the two fall in love while working together. The movie is known for its suspenseful plot and the performances of its stars, including Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant.

Notting Hill (1999)

Notting Hill is a romantic comedy directed by Roger Michell. The movie follows the unlikely romance between a bookshop owner, William Thacker, and a famous actress, Anna Scott.

The two meet by chance when Anna visits William’s bookshop in Notting Hill, London. Despite their different backgrounds, they begin a relationship complicated by the paparazzi and Anna’s fame.

Now You See Me (2013)

Now You See Me (2013)

Now You See Me is a heist thriller directed by Louis Leterrier. The movie follows a group of four magicians who are recruited by a mysterious benefactor to perform a series of heists, while also staying one step ahead of the FBI.

The movie features a star-studded cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Isla Fisher, and is known for its twist ending and elaborate magic tricks.

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