5 Best Irish movies on Disney Plus to Watch on St Patrick’s Day

5 Best Irish movies on Disney Plus to Watch on St Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a time to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. One way to do that is by watching Irish-themed movies. Disney, being one of the biggest movie studios in the world and having one of the biggest streaming networks, has a variety of films that showcase Ireland’s rich history and culture. In this article, we’ll be highlighting some of the best Irish movies on Disney Plus that you can watch to get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of Irish movies on Netflix, there are actually only two, so we have decided to also include TV episodes on the list. So grab a pint of Guinness, put on your green, and get ready to experience the magic of Ireland with these top Irish movies on Disney Plus.

Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959)

Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959)

The old storyteller, the Irishman Darby O’Gill (A. Sharpe), is the manager of Lord Fitzpatrick’s (W. Fitzgerald) estate. He has been living on the estate for a long time in a dilapidated house with his daughter Katie (J. Munro), who recently turned twenty. Darby really likes to play folk Irish songs and dances on the violin, but he is even happier to tell his friends in the pub about his experiences. That’s how he tells them that one night in the mountains he caught Brian (J. O’Dea), a fairy man no taller than three feet. Brian is the king of all fairy men who live hidden deep underground. Darby made Brian grant him three wishes. The third wish was a jar full of gold coins.

When a jar of gold coins appears in front of Darby, King Brian persuades him to make a fourth wish. As soon as he uttered the fourth wish, the first three, and even the fourth were canceled, and Brian smiled mischievously in his face and disappeared. The next day Lord Fitzpatrick informs Darby that he has brought a new young steward from Dublin. The young man’s name is Michael McBride (S. Connery) and in two weeks he will take over Darby’s job, because Darby, in Fitzpatrick’s opinion, is too old.

They will be living with Darby and Katie for the next two weeks, and then Darby and the daughter have to move out. Michael is a handsome young man and Katie takes an instant liking to him. Darby agreed with him not to tell her right away the real reason for his arrival. That same night, Darby accidentally falls into a well and finds himself among the little people – Brian’s subjects. Darby immediately thought that being friends with these singing and cute creatures with supernatural abilities could help him.

The Luck of the Irish (2001)

The Luck of the Irish (2001)

The Luck of the Irish is a Disney Channel Original Movie that was released in 2001. The movie is about a teenage boy named Kyle Johnson who discovers that his family is descended from a long line of leprechauns. When Kyle learns that his family’s good luck charm, a gold coin passed down for generations, has been stolen, he sets out on a journey to Ireland to retrieve it and restore his family’s good fortune.

Along the way, he meets a girl named Megan, and together they embark on a wild adventure filled with magic and mischief. The movie explores themes of family, friendship, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

Gargoyles: The Hound of Ulster (1996)

Gargoyles: The Hound of Ulster (1996)

Upon arriving in Ireland, World Tourists find themselves in a dire situation. They are captured and imprisoned by a paranoid banshee, who subjects them to torture and abuse. The tourists are at the mercy of this monstrous creature, with no hope of escape or rescue.

Meanwhile, Bronx, one of the tourists, meets a native wastrel who is living a life of poverty and despair. At first glance, this individual appears to be nothing more than a drunken slacker with no ambition or purpose. However, Bronx soon discovers that this man has a hidden past as a hero and a destiny that is yet to be fulfilled.

Despite his circumstances, the wastrel is determined to rise above them and fight for what is right. Together, Bronx and the wastrel must find a way to defeat the banshee and save the other tourists before it’s too late.

Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers: The Last Leprechaun (1989)

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers: The Last Leprechaun (1989)

The Rangers are on a mission to discover Monterey Jack’s roots, and they have set their sights on England. They embark on their journey with excitement and anticipation, eager to uncover the truth about Monterey’s past. However, their plans are unexpectedly interrupted when their plane crashes in Ireland.

As they try to pick up the pieces and figure out what to do next, they are approached by Darby Spree, King of the Leprechauns. He explains that he and his fellow leprechauns are enslaved by an evil witch named Druella O’Midas, and he needs the Ranger’s help to rescue them. Without hesitation, the Rangers agree to assist Darby in his quest, and they set off on an adventure filled with danger and excitement.

As they work to defeat the witch and free the leprechauns, they also discover that their unexpected detour in Ireland may be exactly what they needed to uncover the truth about Monterey Jack’s roots.

Short Circuit: Lucky Toupée (2019)

Short Circuit: Lucky Toupée (2019)

In Ireland, Devin O’Leary has been in contact with his sweetheart Kate for some time through letters. He has been eagerly awaiting the day when they can finally meet in person. In preparation for this special occasion, Devin has made a deal with the Leprechaun Gangsters of Lucky Toupée & Wigs to handcraft a wig for him, as he has gone bald on top. He has placed all his hopes on this wig to make him look and feel his best for his date with Kate.

However, the day of his meeting with Kate arrives, and things take an unexpected turn. The Leprechauns deliver a box with his new toupée inside, but at the same time, a Leprechaun present (identified through a mugshot as Willie Potatoes) arrives asking for the money Devin owes. Devin cannot pay in full, and a fight for the wig ensues, with Devin tossing Willie out the window.

Just as Devin answers the door to see Kate looking gorgeous as ever, Willie surprises Devin and snatches his wig away, much to his horror. But, to Devin’s surprise and relief, Kate reveals that she has been in touch with Lucky Toupée & Wigs as well and that she too has gone bald on top. The two happily resume their date, arm, and arm, knowing that they both have the same problem and they will face it together.


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