Ben Coes Books in Order & How Many Are There?

Ben Coes Books in Order & How Many Are There?

In this article, we will examine the complete bibliography of Ben Coes’ books and provide a recommended reading order for the series. Additionally, we will reveal the total number of books written by Coes, giving readers a comprehensive guide to the author’s body of work.

Ben Coes, the bestselling author of political thrillers, has captivated readers with his fast-paced, action-packed stories that delve into the inner workings of government and politics. Coes is known for his complex plots, well-developed characters and his ability to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the world of Ben Coes, this article will provide you with the information you need to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of his novels.

How many Ben Coes books are there?

Currently, there are 11 books written by Ben Coes. We will now organize them into their respective series and list them in the order they were released.

Dewey Andreas books in order

  • Power Down (2010)
  • Coup d’Etat (2011)
  • The Last Refuge (2012)
  • Eye for an Eye (2013)
  • Independence Day/A Day To Kill (2015)
  • First Strike (2016)
  • Trap the Devil (2017)
  • Bloody Sunday (2018)
  • Shooting Gallery (2018) – Short stories/Novellas
  • The Island (2021)

Rob Tacoma books in order

  • The Russian (2020)

We will now let you know what is the best way to read Ben Coes books in order.

Ben Coes books in order

It is actually simple to read Ben Coes books in order, all you need to do is read them in order by their release date. Still, we will let you know what are they about, and how are they connected. That said, we won’t be sorting Rob Tacoma books in order, because, at least for now, there is only one book in that series, The Russian, so there is no point to sort it. Still, we will let you know what is the book about at the end of this part.

Power Down (2010)

Power Down (2010)

A hydroelectric dam and oil field in North America are destroyed in a coordinated terrorist attack. Dewey Andreas, the crew chief of the oil platform, survives and begins to track the terrorists responsible. Alexander Fortuna, an agent embedded in high levels of American society and business, sets in motion the second stage of the attacks.

Dewey uses his skills to fight his way off the platform and back to the US to stop the terrorist’s plans. Power Down is a debut thriller from a new author that is sure to be a hit with fans of the genre.

Coup d’Etat (2011)

Coup d'Etat (2011)

Dewey Andreas, wanting a peaceful life, is living in rural Australia when he is found by powerful men seeking revenge. He must fight for his life against a group of well-armed assassins.

A conflict between Pakistan and India escalates and becomes a nuclear threat. The President sends in Jessica Tanzer to execute a coup d’etat in Pakistan and Dewey Andreas to lead the team. Dewey must survive and Jessica must find him before it’s too late.

The Last Refuge (2012)

The Last Refuge (2012)

Israeli Special Forces commander Kohl Meir has evidence that Iran has built its first nuclear weapon and plans to use it against Israel. Meir is kidnapped in New York and smuggled into Iran, where he’s imprisoned and tortured.

Dewey Andreas, who owes his life to Meir and his team, must free Meir from the secure prison before Iran’s nuclear clock runs out. The fate of millions and world power balance depend on Dewey’s success in this perilous and time-sensitive mission.

Eye for an Eye (2013)

Eye for an Eye (2013)

Dewey Andreas faces his toughest challenge yet when he uncovers a mole within Israel’s Mossad. China’s powerful head of the Ministry of State Security, Fao Bhang, places a kill order on Dewey, who is vacationing with his fiancĂ©e in Argentina. A top-level kill team is sent in but fails, resulting in a personal loss for Dewey.

Determined for revenge, Dewey goes rogue and must take on the full weight and might of China’s intelligence and Fao Bhang. A skilled and cunning Andreas must fight through armies to achieve his goal of revenge on a biblical scale. Only one can survive the conflict.

Independence Day (2015)

Independence Day(2015)

Dewey Andreas, an intelligence agent, is sidelined after failing his last two operations and grieving the loss of his fiancé. A mission to capture a high-level Russian hacker known as Cloud, who is funding Al Qaeda terror cells, is assigned. Dewey defies orders and goes rogue to follow the mission teams.

Both teams are ambushed and wiped out, but Dewey saves the hacker’s girlfriend who reveals a deadly plot to remake the world’s political landscape. Dewey has three days to stop the plot before it’s executed on Independence Day.

First Strike (2016)

First Strike (2016)

The terrorist group ISIS launches a campaign to take over Syria. Their leader Tristan Nazir has a secret plan to get more ammunition, but Dewey Andreas is sent in to stop it. He discovers that the arms were provided by a black-ops program within the Pentagon.

He stops the shipment, but the group retaliates by taking hostages at a university, including the CIA Director’s daughter. The hostages will be executed if the shipment is delayed. Dewey Andreas is the only hope to solve the situation.

Trap the Devil (2017)

Trap the Devil (2017)

Dewey Andreas is the only one who can stop a powerful cabal from taking over the U.S. government and starting a brutal war. The cabal is removing those who stand in their way and replacing them with puppets.

Dewey is sent to Paris for a mission to protect the Secretary of State, but it goes wrong and he is falsely blamed for the Secretary’s murder. Dewey goes on the run to uncover the plot and stop the cabal before they kill millions.

Bloody Sunday (2018)

Bloody Sunday (2018)

North Korea, led by a dictator and a madman, plans to launch a nuclear attack on the United States. They have a deal with Iran to trade missiles for nuclear triggers and fissionable material, creating two new nuclear powers. Dewey Andreas, a CIA agent, is sent to stop North Korea by injecting a singular poison into the head of the North Korean military and providing him with the antidote in exchange for the nuclear plans.

But Dewey also injects himself with the poison and has less than 24 hours to get into North Korea and find the antidote, while also thwarting the nuclear ambitions of both North Korea and Iran.

Shooting Gallery: A Dewey Andreas Short Story (2018)

Shooting Gallery: A Dewey Andreas Short Story (2018)

The Vice President’s son is kidnapped in Mexico while on spring break and a large ransom is demanded. Dewey Andreas, a CIA operative, is in Mexico and is the only hope for the boys’ survival.

He must find the kidnappers and pay the ransom before the deadline. “Shooting Gallery” is a short story by bestseller Ben Coes, featuring Dewey Andreas.

The Island (2021)

The Island (2021)

CIA operative Dewey Andreas is America’s last defense against a terrorist attack on Manhattan, targeting the U.N and the President himself in “The Island”. Iran has been planning a revenge attack for years, with the goals of bringing America to its knees, assassinating the President and neutralizing Dewey Andreas.

The terrorist assets blow up bridges and tunnels to take control of Manhattan and head to the U.N. to launch a deadly attack. Dewey Andreas sneaks onto the island to fight an impossible battle.

* The Russian (2020)

* The Russian (2020)

The Russian is not a part of Dewey Andreas’ book series, but we have promised to still let you know what is the book about, so here it is.

The Russian mafia has taken over the criminal underworld in the U.S. and law enforcement is unable to stop them. The President creates a team to eliminate the leaders.

A CIA team of two Tier 1 operators, former Navy SEALs Billy Cosgrove and Rob Tacoma, is created. But the Russians kill Cosgrove and Tacoma is left alone to find and kill the hidden mob boss behind the death. He must take on an army with no rules or limits.

Do you need to read Ben Coes books in order?

We recommend reading Ben Coes’ books in order. Dewey Andreas’ books follow the same characters and sometimes touch on storylines from previous books. “The Russian” is currently the only book in the Billy Cosgrove series, so it can be read at any time.

Will there be more Ben Coes books in the future?

There are currently no official announcements for a new book by Ben Coes. However, it is likely that there will be more books in the Billy Cosgrove series, as “The Russian” is the first book in the series. At this time, there are no announcements for a new book in the Dewey Andreas series.


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